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Fengrain Case Study

In readiness for Harvest 2012 Fengrain built their new £3.5M Jubilee Store which has increased processing and storage capacity on site to over 120,000 tonnes. Fengrain Lorry


Perry of Oakley Ltd, the UK’s oldest designer and manufacturer of grain handling machinery, secured the order to supply and design all the grain handling equipment for the new plant. 

There were 27 machines in total comprising conveyors, belt and bucket elevators and screw conveyors with capacitis from 150 to 350 tph.


The high capacity intake into the new large bunker floor store is at a rate of 350 tph. This enables Fengrain to turn round trucks much faster than before and has reduced downtime and increases their fexibility greatly. Fengrain can now buy and intake thousands of tons of grain in a matter of hours. The intake conveyors are 500mm wide and 600mm deep and fitted with drives up to 60 kw. 

A unique feature of the floor store is the underground recovery conveyor which is fed by 4 bespoke underfloor screw conveyors. This system when combined with sweep augers in the building means an almost complete emptying of the store is achieved at a rate of up to 200 tph from a control room desk without the need for a loader and bucket. The unloading conveyors have specially designed inlet slides which are electrically operated by a control system that informs the operator exactly how far open the slide is.

Although the equipment is from Perry’s standard range of industrial equipment it has been tailored to suit the needs of the Fengrain design specifiaton.  

Fengrain plant


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