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 Top UK Grain Driers now available in AfricaAgristructures install dryer in Zimbabwe

Lions Den Farms, a large, forward thinking farm in Zimbabwe, started off as a small 60ha dryland farm in 2011 and has grown in the last seven years to one of the biggest, and most diverse, farming operations in the country - now operating on six different farms.

Lions Den Farms is a diverse company that is currently cropping a total of 2000ha per year. They have a wide range of crops in order to reduce market risks and improve cash flow. The 2018 cropping program includes 1000ha commercial maize, 250ha seed maize, 400ha commercial soya beans, 120ha seed soya beans, 100ha seed wheat, 200ha commercial potatoes.

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 Osgodby Grange Set Sights on Contract DryingOsgodby Grange Set Sights on Contract Drying

Doug Dear from Osgodby Grange in Selby, Yorkshire has recently completed a full refurbishment of his mixed arable and livestock farm’s handling & drying equipment.
Each year Mr. Dear farms 350 hectares of wheat, barley, maize and oil seed rape. They produce about 2000 tonnes of their own crop but also offer a contract drying & storage service. They currently do approximately 700 tonnes of contract drying and storage, with an additional 400 – 500 tonnes of drying wheat but this is a side of the business they are looking to develop.

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 Upgrade and Expansion of Dying & Handling Equipment in East PitkierieUpgrade & expansion of grain handling equipment

John & Allan Marshall from East Pitkierie, Anstruther, Fife have an all arable farm with a 1,400 tonne barley store and a 3,800 tonne wheat store. They farm 695 acres of wheat, 217 acres of barley, 247 acres of oil seed rape & a further 80 acres of potatoes giving them a total of 1,300 acres of arable land to farm.

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Grain Drier Scotland Full Refurbishment of a plant in St Andrews

Mr Henry Cheape approached K. M. Duncan Agricultural Engineers Ltd. in search of a better handling and drying solution for the 600 acres of combinable crops within the estimated 2300 acres of Strathtyrum Estates in St Andrews, Scotland.

Previously, Mr Cheape was running a Farm Fans batch drier that was situated in a building that was some distance away from his storage area. This often resulted in both excessive handling and double handling of his crop, making the process very labour intensive and uneconomical. The system was also worn out and no longer fast enough to keep up with the demands put upon it.

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belt drier for flakesFlaking Mill Upgrade

Perry of Oakley Ltd. are the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of materials drying & handling equipment. Established in 1947, 2017 marked 70 years of successful installations of their British manufactured machines. Perry export machines globally and are well represented with a network of dealers & specialist engineers worldwide.

Perry of Oakley Ltd. are best known for their grain handling and drying equipment, and are well established within the agricultural industry. They have also provided solutions for many other industries including; coal, minerals, biomass (including wood chip, sawdust, shavings & pellets), sewerage & sludge, digestate, rubbish/refuse, grass & many others. The relatively recent launch of the Perry Belt Drier also provides other industries with fast, efficient and cost effective drying solutions.

Dengie High Capacity HandlingFire risk reduced in Feed Plant

Dengie Crops Ltd., well known manufacturers of high quality chopped alfalfa (chaff) based feeds for horses had to refurbish their manufacturing plant near Southminster, South East England, due to fire damage. A faulty cooler allowed a fire to break out, it burned the belt of the belt and bucket elevator that was taking the product away from the cooler, the fire quickly spread to some of the other belted handling machinery that was connected to it.

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 Jf Marsh complete full plant refurbishment with Satake Colour SorterSatake Colour Sorter

Roger & Neil Marsh, a father and son from J.F Marsh and Son, based on the Isle of Sheppey, have recently completed a full refurbishment of their grain handling, cleaning & drying equipment. With the help of Perry of Oakley Ltd. and Mike Bartter Systems Ltd., the 4th generation, family run farm have increased and improved their drying capacity and the quality of their grain, enabling them to sell their product into more sought after markets at a higher premium.

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Grain dryer at revesby estateFuture Proofing For Years to Come at Revesby Estate

Revesby Estate is based near Boston, Lincolnshire. They have 1,000 hectares of arable farming and produce 6,000 tonnes of grain per annum, 5,000 tonnes of this is wheat, the other 1,000 tonne is a mix of rape and barley.

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Union Grain Grain Sampler Heron 3000 Heron 4000Union Grain Install New Grain Sampling Equipment 

Union Grain Storage Ltd in Skegness operates a 20,000 tonne store, housing 17,000 tonnes of grain in six bulk bays and 3,000 tonnes in six additional silos. They sample anything up to 30,000 tonnes of product each year including wheat, barley, rape, beans and peas.  They are a member of Openfield Cooperative which is an industry leading, British, farmer owned cooperative.

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Perry CentriKleens FifeFull refurbishment of a farm in Fife (including LGCRS & CentriKleen upgrades)

In early 2014 K. M. Duncan Agricultural Engineers Ltd secured a contract to upgrade Mr Mitchell’s of Allan Hill Farm, Fife, handling and drying equipment. The farm had an old Law Denis drier which had finally worn out after 24 seasons and could no longer keep up with the required capacity, the previous set up had become dated as modern machines could not easily fit into the buildings to work. 

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Woldgrain Storage initiate phase 3 of Project ValiantWoldgrain Storage initiate phase 3 of Project Valiant

Woldgrain Storage Ltd., based at Hemswell Airfield, Lincolnshire, was established in 1980 to store grain on behalf of its founding members. The original scheme had 20,000 tonne storage and one drier accompanied by 60tph handling equipment. The main products that Woldgrain handle are oilseed rape, barley, wheat and oats. Their expected throughput each year is between 85,000 and 100,000 tonnes. 

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Cannington Grain AC150 Pre CleanerLow bulk density is no problem for Cannington's AC150 Pre Cleaner

Established in 1977 Cannington Grain has expanded steadily to its current 40,000 tonne capacity. Storage is based on 25 silos with combined capacity of 30,000 tonnes and a floor store for a further 10,000 tonnes.

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Devon Grain Dual DrierDual drier proves to be ideal for Devon Grain

Devon Grain’s store was built in readiness for the 1983 harvest and had an original capacity of 8,500 tonnes. Successive extensions have added extra storage and facilities to provide a current 25,000 tonne store capacity based on 21 storage silos with a further eight holding silos with capacities ranging from 300 to 2,200 tonnes.

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Topcliffe Grange Farm Drier & HandlingTopcliffe Grange Farm Go Further Than Expected With Upgrade

Charles Haigh of Topcliffe Grange Farm in West Yorkshire has a 500 Arce mixed arable and livestock farm. Throughout the year he grows a mixture of wheat, barley, linseed, oilseed rape & beans. Before this year Mr Haigh used a shed floor fitted with pedestal aeration towers to dry his crop. 

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Light Grain & Chaff Recovery SystemSecond Time Around For Strawson's & Perry

In 1998 Strawson’s Farms, Louth, installed a range of 30tph & 60tph grain handling equipment from Perry of Oakley Ltd and a 20tph drier. More recently Mr Strawson had found this system has not been able to keep up with the amount of grain he is now producing on the farm, and so made the decision to upgrade his drier and handling equipment

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Mr TurneyRobin Turney Ltd Maximise Contract Drying & Storage Opportnities

Mr Robin Turney of Pools Barn Farm, Warwickshire, runs a farming and farm business consultancy company - Robin Turney Ltd, and also dries and stores grain for local farmers and United Oilseeds

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Catton Farms DrierCatton Farms upgrades using all Perry of Oakley equipment

Father and son team, Ralph and Tom Catton of Catton Farms, Hertfordshire, are now in the second phase of updating their family run farm to a high specification drying and storage facility that has the potential to become a commercial operation within the next 12 to 18 months.

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Biomass DrierBalbirnie Estates install Perry Biomass Fuelled Drier

Up until recently the Balbirnie Estate, located near Glenrothers in Scotland, used a small portable drier to take care of their grain drying needs, which was becoming more and more insufficient.  As a replacement Balbirnie’s owner, Robert Balfor, and the estate manager, David Algen, decided to install a continuous mixed flow drier.

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Fengrain LorryFengrain Jubilee Store

In readiness for Harvest 2012 Fengrain built their new £3.5M Jubilee Store which has increased processing and storage capacity on site to over 120,000 tonnes.

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Drier case studyModel M409 continuous flow drier, capacity 26 tph installed  with 40 tph handling equipment.

Area: Norfolk - Farm size: 1,300 acres - Cropping: 2000T Winter Wheat and Winter Barley, approximately 400T of Rye, Oil Seed Rape, Spring Barley

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Lloyd MaunderOrganic Feed Production for Lloyd Maunder 

Project objective: To change from purchasing organic feed to in house production for all the Lloyd Maunder organic reared products.

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Hartley FarmsHartley Farms Ltd

Hartley Farms Ltd specialise in the cleaning, drying and storage of grain and in treating and improving rejected loads and off farm products.

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BioIntakeBiofuel Intake System - Cottam Power Station

To intake a variety of biofuel products at capacities up to 40 tph. This is to help satisfy the requirement for power stations to burn 10% biofuel by the year 2010.

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