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Celebrating our 70th Anniversary

Perry of Oakley Ltd are the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of materials handling and drying equipment. Established in 1947, this year marks the 70th anniversary for the company, and during those 70 years it has witnessed first-hand the evolution of the agricultural industry.

Perry of Oakley Ltd was founded by Tom Perry, a farmer’s son, who offered a mobile repair and manufacturing service to local farmers and businesses in the Oakley, Basingstoke area of Hampshire.

1942 Belt & Bucket ElevatorIn 1949 Tom Perry designed and built our very first belt and bucket elevator with a capacity of 5 tph. These early cleaners were equipped with mechanical sieves and aspiration to lift off dust and light rubbish. Today, Perry’s range of Belt & bucket elevators are suitable for agricultural & industrial use and are available in capacities up to 1000tph at heights of up to 30m.

1949 also saw the introduction of our first grain cleaners. These early cleaners were equipped with mechanical sieves and aspiration to lift off dust and light rubbish. Today, Perry offer aspirator pre-cleaners and rotary drum cleaners, ensuring there is a solution for every customers needs.

During the early 1950’s many new farm mechanisation aids were designed by Tom Perry and manufactured in Oakley. These included tractor mounted buck rakes, trailers, dust reduction systems for combine harvesters and jog trough grain conveyors driven by petrol engines or electric motors. 

Jog Trough Conveyor from 1952

These conveyors had capacities of up to 5 tph, as capacity requirements increased the first chain and flight conveyors were developed. These conveyors were the fore runners of the conveyors that Perry’s currently design and manufacture with capacities up to 1000 tph.

Since 1950, Perry of Oakley have sold over 18,500 machines, which averages at over 1.2 machines per day, every day, every single year since then. Their machines have handled and dried everything from standard cereals to digestate, pellets, minerals, dust, woodchip and even waste fish! Perry are so confident in the capabilities and longevity of their machines that they are now offering a 10-year guarantee on their standard agricultural conveyors (T’s & C’s apply).

Tom grew the business from a mobile repair service, to employing engineers to build and design handling equipment in a converted greenhouse, to eventually in 1952 the first factory was built in Oakley it measured 60 foot x 40 foot.

Tom’s son, Nigel Perry joined the business in 1972 and shortly after Pat, Nigel’s wife also came on board. 

Under Nigel’s leadership Perry’s expanded to such a degree that in 1974 a brand new, purpose-built factory was built in Oakley to house the company. By 1990 the business had expanded again and required an even larger premises and Nigel made the decision to relocate the business down to Devon on to their current site.

A year after moving to Dunkeswell, David Perry, Nigel & Patricia’s son, joined the company having achieved a First Class Honours degree in engineering. David worked with his parents for 16 years until he took over as Managing Director in 2007, although Nigel and Patricia are still spotted around the factory 10 years after they retired.

David Perry has continued to expand the business and plan for the future. He has invested in the latest technologies, manufacturing capabilities, research & development projects and in his staff.

Since David has been Managing Director Perry’s have released several key products including Ezi Quote, a revolutionary online quoting system that allows customers to obtain quick and easy quotes direct to their inbox. He also released the Perry CentriKleens, a system that catches 97% of all dust and chaff emitted from driers. These can be fitted to both Perry driers and other manufacturers driers.

1955 First Grain DrierModern Grain Drier 37tph

Since 1955, when Perry’s first grain drier was manufactured with a capacity of 5tph, their grain driers have become the front runners of continuous mixed flow driers. This year has seen the release of their Savannah series drier, which is capable of capacities of up to 150tph. The Savannah series is billed as a commercial specification drier, accessible and affordable to small farms.

Last year saw Perry release their Belt Drier, which has proven itself on a variety of products and was their most significant product release in over a decade. The Perry belt drier is one of the most popular and versatile driers available on the market for non-free-flowing products.

David has not just focused on the grain & industrial handling, he has also developed a whole range of handling, drying and storage equipment specifically designed for Biomass.

Perry of Oakley Ltd FactoryAll Perry products are designed and manufactured in Perry's purpose built facility in the West Country using a depth of knowledge acquired during 70 years of business. Perry of Oakley in-house team now provide expert technical support for its machinery globally.

David Perry said: “Over the years there have been many changes but some things have remained consistent. We have always worked to a high specification and standard of manufacture, we aim to provide excellent customer service & support, we ensure that all of our customers have direct access to key design & engineering personnel and, we continue to fund research & development programs to ensure we provide the very latest technologies to our customers; and I’m sure this is why over 90% of our customers buy from us repeatedly.

I am really proud of how this company has developed over the last 70 years.  As well as major product releases, we constantly tweak and improve our products so the product range is always expanding and improving.

Being a family run business means that each generation passes down knowledge and improves on the last generations designs, but most importantly it means that we are really driven to see the business be successful, after all, it is literally my name above the door!

The future brings the prospect of new products, new challenges and new technologies which we embrace and enjoy! Embracing new technology and maintaining our market position is really important to us. We need to make sure that our products are the market leaders in technological advances, which they are.

We have a 4th generation of Perry’s in waiting. I’d like to think that my children, Tom & Abi, will continue to fly the Perry flag to bring our customers the same great service and products that they are used to in years to come, but we are a way off of that yet!”