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Straker Smith Perry Grain Dryer and Grain Elevator

Mr Peter Straker-Smith of Wark Common Farm in Northumberland has 1000 acres of farmland on which he grows a combination of barley, wheat and OSR. Since the mid 90s, Mr Straker-Smith had been using a Carier SFC drier with 60tph handling equipment. Over time the drier had become worn out and was leaking badly, the result of this was excessive maintenance and poor reliability. The performance of harvesting equipment has also improved over time which has in turn lead to a demand for a higher capacity.

Mr Straker-Smith approached John Thorburn & Sons Ltd and Perry of Oakley Ltd about upgrading his current drying setup. Working together John Thorburn & Sons and Perry were tasked with fitting a new drier in place of the old Carier with as little changes to the existing handling as possible.

The Perry M612 drier was chosen to replace the Carier drier because it has a slightly smaller footprint and it would just fit underneath the existing top conveyor. Mr Straker-Smith also wished to dry his crops at lower temperatures, with the M612 drier he could still achieve his desired rate of 20tph whilst drying at 60°C. The Perry M612 drier can achieve capacities of up to 54tph when drying at 125°C based on wheat at 750kg/m³.

Perry CentriKleensCleanliness of both the crop being dried and the yard in which the drier stands is of utmost importance to Mr Straker-Smith. There were particular concerns over the roof of an existing building that the drier fans were going to blow over. In order to keep the roof clean, Perry CentriKleens were installed on each of the fans. The Perry CentriKleens are the simple, cost effective solution to a driers dust and chaff problems, they can be fitted to existing axial fans on all makes of drier and they remove up to 95% of all visible dust and chaff. There is no additional motor power required because there are no moving parts, they also don’t need any additional steel supports. With the CentriKleens installed Mr Straker-Smiths roof will remain clean and the gutters will be clear of build ups of dust and chaff.

Perry CentriKleen

Along with the CentriKleens, the Perry Light Grain & Chaff Recovery System (LGCRS) has been installed in the drier. The LGCRS removes the need to clean out light grains & chaff from the drier exhaust plenum. It is an additional option, but it can be retrofitted to any existing Perry shutter discharge. The LGCRS is particularly useful when drying light seeds or OSR, it is a pneumatically operated system that is connected to the driers compressor and it releases any chaff or light seeds directly into the discharge hopper. The pneumatic flap also optimises the airflow in the drier when it is in the shut position. Perry customers that have installed the LGCRS have found it to be labour saving and simple to use because it is controlled using the Perry PLC Drier Control Panel.

The Perry PLC Drier Control panel is a 12” touchscreen PLC panel that has been designed and programmed in house by Perry’s team of engineers that comes with the drier as standard. The panel displays a complete mimic of the drier which helps make the Perry driers one of the most simple to operate that is available on the market today. The panel can be connected to the internet to allow status reports to be sent to selected mobile numbers and email addresses, data logging and remote access. The PLC Panel has over 65 alarms and messages built in to it, helping to keep what is going on with your drier clear and simple to understand. The PLC panel also has a crop set up page which allows you to enter the crop type, intake moisture content and target moisture content; the panel will then set all the drier parameters and start speed for you using the data you have put in.

Grain Handling and Drying

Whilst trying to keep disruption to the existing handling at a minimal, a new 60tph conveyor that conveys from the wet bins needed to be used due to differences between the old and newly built drier. However, the reduced footprint of the M612 generated enough space for a new 60tph single lift belt & bucket elevator and a 60tph aspirator per-cleaner to assist in the specific weight of the product by helping remove the light dust and chaff after the crop has been through the drier.

Mr Straker-Smith hopes to put between 3500 and 4000 Tonnes of product through the drier per annum, and with the now increased throughput he has the ability to undertake some contract drying in the future as well as being able to dry his own crop quicker.

Mr Straker-Smith said: “I am very pleased with the final solution from Perry and John Thorburn & Sons. I am achieving much faster throughputs than before and the drier panel was very easy to learn how to operate. The CentriKleen units have performed much better than I expected with no dust at all on my roof or in the gutters after each days operation. The combination of this, the LGCRS and the new aspirator makes this a very clean plant.”