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Don’t let the weather steal your hard-earned profits!

One product that has been in high demand due to the unusually dry summer Britain has had this year, is the dampening conveyor that Perry of Oakley Ltd. manufacture. Perry have been manufacturing dampening conveyors for over 45 years, the image pictured was one of our early models installed in 1972.

Over the years, the dampening conveyor has been developed to be an effective and efficient machine that adds value to under moisture grain. 

Early Dampening Conveyor

By increasing the moisture content of under moisture grain you can save large amounts of money, why should you give away your hard-earned profits for nothing! Oil extraction companies can refuse to take oil seed rape at moistures of less than 6%, using a dampening conveyor can help ensure you have marketable product.

A typical example:

Wheat at a spot price of £159.00 per tonne at 12% moisture content, add 2% weight by adding moisture and add value of £3.18 per tonne - meaning that per 1000 tonne of wheat you gain £3,180.00*.

Dampening Conveyor SystemPerry’s dampening conveyor system comprises of a self-contained 415V pump unit with suction hose, filter & delivery hose, a dampening auger with galvanised casing & spray bars with nozzles. A typical 30tph unit is just £7,200.00 EX VAT EX Works. Capacities of 15, 30, 60 and 120tph available.

Perry of Oakley Ltd. are the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of grain handling & drying equipment. The Devon based, family run firm has been manufacturing high quality machinery for farmers, grain stores, breweries & many other industries since 1947.

Dampening conveyor table