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The much anticipated Perry Savannah ‘S’ Series Drier finally released in 2017

Perry of Oakley Ltd are the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of materials handling & drying equipment. Over the last 70 years we have stayed at the forefront of drying & handling technology, with 2017 being our 70thanniversary we thought we’d better make it a special year, to mark the occasion we are releasing our best continuous mixed flow drier yet!  

The Savannah series driers will have significant improvements to their operation and appearance.

Savannah Series Grain Drier

The operation of our fans will be improved as they will now be controlled by an inverter. This eliminating the need to open airscoops to bleed in air into the drier when drying light crops as on previous models. There is also the potential to save power by running the fans at reduced speed and power consumption. The fan selection has been revised to reduce the overall drier absorbed power consumption, giving a new maximum fitted power of 22kW per fan.

The overall drier width will be reduced by 500mm by removing the bypass plenum, which will aid fitting into buildings.

We have also improved the access to the Savannah Series Driers by putting two access hatches in the roofs of all 4m, 5m & 6m driers, this will make it easier to access inside of the driers for cleaning and maintenance and the adjustment of proximity probes in the reserve section.

The drier will now be provided with a Tee connection on the pneumatic panel that is mounted on the drier discharge, with a 12mm connection for the air compressor and PCL fitting to enable the connecting of a clean down airline hose for cleaning the drier. We will provide 10m of air hose, and a fitting on the compressor so it can be connected straight to the drier There will also be a contactor in the panel to provide the electrical connection for the compressor.

The Savannah Series driers will still come with the advanced PLC panel which is all programmed in house and the auto control, which uses both the exhaust air temperature and hot grain temperature to give advanced control of the drier with feedback, to maintain a consistent moisture content of the discharge grain.

To ensure drier longevity they will be built with a 2mm thick grain column for additional strength, and 3mm thick top ducts in the grain column to help prevent deformation and wear.

To promote consistent movement of the grain down the grain column, even in very wet conditions, all Savannah Series Driers are fitted with our pneumatically controlled Shutter discharge. This year this has been upgraded to phosphor bronze bushes on all wearing parts.

These improvements above and the other key features of the Savannah range of driers help to ensure we really do provide a commercial specification grain drier for use on farms and commercial grain stores.

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We are very pleased with our new driers, we hope you can all see the benefits of the changes we have made. To find out more about our new Savannah Series Drier range call us now on +44 (0)1404 890300 or email