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Continuous flow drier 26 tph

Model M409 continuous flow drier, capacity 26 tph installed  with 40 tph handling equipment.

grain drierEV Head

Area: Norfolk

Farm size: 1,300 acres

Cropping: 2000T Winter Wheat and Winter Barley, approximately 400T of Rye, Oil Seed Rape, Spring Barley

In 2011 season almost all crops were dried.    

The customer stated that ”the plant worked well and the help from the Perry staff after commissioning was exceptional."


The floor store filled via a belt conveyor which then feeds a travelling conveyor to fill segregated bunkers within a store.

Segmented stores

Two mechanical reception pits were used to provide a large wet storage area without the need for additional storage hoppers. This provides a simple means of tipping up the trailers without waiting for the hopper to empty and also saves the expense of a wet storage bin. 

Reception Pits

The foor store is divided into a number of separate bunkers. To fll these there is a PERRY 300mm wide 40 tph roller trough belt conveyor with a PERRY travelling conveyor with motorised beam trollies underneath.

The belt conveyor tripper is moved into position using a remote control handset so the operator can see where the tripper is positioned. The travelling conveyor has sensors fitted so when the tripper moves, the conveyor moves along the store as well. The conveyor has a number of intermediate outlets that can be opened to suit the correct bunker. 


This system minimises the amount of labour necessary to fill the store during harvest and save money year after year. 

You can download the full PDF of this case study here>>>