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Perry release the Perry Savannah Series grain driers for their 70th anniversary (Read Full Article) >>>

Perry's Savannah Series Continuous mixed flow grain driers are proven worldwide drying a variety of granular crops.

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We manufactured our first drier in 1954 with a capacity of 5tph. Since then we have provided grain driers worldwide where they have proven themselves to be sturdy, reliable & efficient.

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Grain Dryer

All of our driers are manufactured in our purpose built factory based in Devon, South West England. We use the most up to date manufacturing methods & equipment allowing us to supply our customers with a reliable, well manufactured product.

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Basic Specifications
We manufacture a full range of continuous mixed flow driers that allow us to provide a drier to suit most people's requirements. Our smallest drier has a capacity of 8tph and is just 2m high and our largest drier is capable of 150tph and is over 8m wide. Having such a wide range available as standard means that we are likely to be able to achieve the throughput capacity you require in the space allocated.

Specification Key Points
Grain Dryer
  • Capacities available from 8tph to 150tph.
  • Drier widths range from 2m to 8m.
  • Drier heights range from 6m to 15m.
  • A full range of optional extras allows for our driers to be designed to suit your individual needs.


 Savannah - Curved Conveyors Combined with the use of curved conveyors the drier and handling needs only a flat concrete pad. This means much cheaper concrete work and straightforward calculations.
Savannah - Touch screen PLC Touch screen PLC control interface with mobile phone app for monitoring and controlling your drier remotely. Receive status updates, warnings for alarms and change settings wherever you are over the internet.
Savannah - Automatic grain moisture Automatic grain moisture control system. Select the crop and moisture content, and the control panel will set all temperatures, fan speeds and discharge speed to suit.
 Savannah - Variable Cooling Section

Variable cooling section so you can change from minimum to maximum cooling by using control levers from ground level.

25% to 30% of the drier is used for cooling the crop before it goes to store. this helps with preventing deterioration of the grain when in store. Additional ventilation will still be required.

 Savannah - Inverter controlled fans Inverter controlled fans for ease of control when drying light crops and for energy saving.
 Savannah - Crop set up page Automatic crop set up page. Just select the crop and the control panel sets all temperatures and fan speeds to suit it.
 Savannah - heat source Diesel, Kerosene, gas steam, coal using heat exchangers or biomass heat sources as options. Direct or indirect fired..
 Savannah - Internet connection Connect the drier to the internet allowing UK engineers to access the panel for diagnostics or adjustments while you watch the screen.
 Savannah - Grain Column The grain column has a completley ledge free design to reduce dust and chaff residue. Tapered air ducts to promote even air flow and uniform drying across the whole grain column.
 Savannah - Shutter Discharge To promote consistent movement of the grain, all Savannah Series Driers are fitted with our highly efficient, fully galvanised, pneumatically controlled shutter discharge (with phosphor bronze bushes on all wearing parts). All large driers have pneumatic shutter discharge to ensure even movement of crop across the whole bed.
 Savannah - Development Drier

Tried and tested design with years of proven track record.

Perry of Oakley Ltd. has its own grain drier test rig installed at Cannington Grain. It is a model M217, capacity 26tph.

This gives us access to a drier operating under real life conditions and the capability for extended test runs for all new product developments and to enhance our R&D capabilities.

The drier is completely wired with temperature monitors and has access hatches to enable us to measure moisture contents and temperatures anywhere in the grain column.

 Savannah - Heavy Duty Heavy duty commercial specificaton grain drier built to BS6399 and BS5950.


Automatic Moisture Sensor for Grain Drier Control

Automatic Moisture Sensor for Grain Drier Control

Sae fuel & time by not over drying your crop.

  • Accurate to within 0.5% (MC 5% to 18%).
  • Accurate to within 1% (MC 18% to 40%).
  • Fully integrated in our own PLC control software for the drier.
  • Can be installed into any make of existing drier or as a standalone system.
  • IP65 - suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Proven technology.
  • Increases revenue by not over drying your crop.

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Ease of Use
Our driers are among the simplistic driers to operate available in today's market. As standard our driers are supplied with a touch screen PLC panel with pictorial representations of your Perry Drier. If you do get a little stuck with something we have a dedicated technical support line who can take control of your drier* or talk you through the process.

Ease of Use Key Points
Grain Dryer app
  • Dedicated technical support line
  • Drier can connect to an app that is available in both the iTunes store & Google Play allowing you to control your drier from your phone, tablet or PC
  • A full range of optional extras allows for our driers to be designed to suit your individual needs.

*Control panel must be connected to the internet to offer app use & remote support.

Design Details
We have a dedicated design team who use the latest in 2D & 3D CAD technology to individually design each drier. We also have a dedicated R&D drier based at Cannington Grain Ltd which allows us to test and improve our drier.

Design Key Points
Grain Drier
  • The Perry drier has a completely ledge free grain column to help prevent the hang up of straw or dust and other residue in the column which could become a fire hazard.
  • Tapered ducts help aid an even air speed through the column of grain across the entire width of the drier.
  • Unique features within our driers aim to promote even grain flow.
  • Variable cooling section so you can change from minimum to maximum cooling by using control levers from ground level.
  • Highly efficient shutter discharge as standard with phosphor bronze bushes on all wearing parts.

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Construction Details
All of our driers are manufactured in the UK from high quality galvanised steel using the latest manufacturing methods to ensure we provide you with a quality product that will prove effective, efficient and reliable.

Construction Key Points
Grain Drier
  • Fully galvanised construction.
  • The grain column has a completely ledge free design to reduce dust and chaff residue. The tapered air ducts promote even air flow and uniform drying across the whole grain column.
  • The top row of ducts in the drier are manufactured from 3mm thick galvanised steel to prolong life.
  • All of our driers conform to both BS6399 for wind loading and BS5950 for structural strength.
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