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Drier Discharge

Drier Discharge 

Drier DischargeTo promote consistent movement of the grain, all Savannah Series Driers are fitted with our highly efficient, fully galvanised, pneumatically controlled shutter discharge (with phosphor bronze bushes on all wearing parts). All driers have pneumatic shutter discharge to ensure even movement of crop across the whole bed. This is especially important when drying crops from very high moisture content, and seed crops.

  • Heavy duty fully galvanised construction with all the pivot points fitted with phosphor bronze bushes.
  • Fully adjustable pneumatic or electric operation.
  • Roller discharge system option for smaller driers as a cost effective alternative to the shutter discharge.


All Perry driers are equipped with a highly efficient pneumatically operated shutter discharge system with phosphor bronze bushes on all wearing parts.

As part of our Savannah Series release the drier will now be provided with a Tee connection on the pneumatic panel that is mounted on the drier discharge, with a 12mm connection for the air compressor and PCL fitting to enable the connecting of a clean down airline hose for cleaning the drier. We will provide 10m of air hose, and a fitting on the compressor so it can be connected straight to the drier There will also be a contactor in the panel to provide the electrical connection for the compressor.

Grain Drier Discharge

The length of the opening time and the frequency is fully adjustable from the drier PLC panel.

Twin rams on 2, 3 and 4M drier discharges.

4 rams on 5 and 6M drier discharges.

 Shutter Discharge


Pneumatic control panel mounted on the side of the discharge.

Compressor supplied with the drier.


All galvanised construction for the entire discharge system.

Sight glasses in hoppers to aid adjustment.

Hand slides in hoppers to control grain flow.

Grain dryer discharge

Heavy duty leg and support beam structure designed to BS6399 and BS5950.


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