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Drying Anaerobic Digestate

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The Perry Belt Drier is ideally suited to drying almost any non-flowing product or more granular products that require a lower throughput capacity. Popular applications have included biomass, anaerobic digestate/sludge, grass & seeds.

By using a Perry Belt Drier you can save £££s off your transportation costs. 

The Perry Belt Drier can be adjoined to a variety of in house manufactured handling equipment to feed and discharge the driers, including: store conveyors, belt and bucket elevators, augers and screw conveyors, in addition to many more handling solutions.


Digestate Drying

Why Dry Anaerobic Digestate or Sludge:

  • Reduce the cost of transporting & storing digestate.
  • Dry the digestate by using residual heat that would otherwise have been wasted
  • Reduce the amount of emissions & odours digestate creates.
  • Sell the dried digestate, creating new revenue options.
  • Save energy & reduce your carbon footprint.

What can I use dry digestate or dry sludge for:

  • Biomass energy (easy to pelletize).
  • Organic fertilizer and compost. 
  • Animal bedding. 

Drying digestates from biogas plants opens up new options in areas of intensive precision farming. The dried substrates can be transported more cost-effectively and then spread also on fields at larger distances from the initial plant at a reduced cost. 

By using digestate instead of synthetic fertilisers derived from natural gas, we can save energy, cut consumption of fossil fuels and reduce our carbon footprint.

The Perry Belt Drier is ideally suited for these materials:

Product Sample Wheel

Wood chip - Wood shavings - Wood pellets - Other feed pellets - Saw dust - Biomass straw - Miscanthus and bagasse - Herbs - Combinable crops - Beans and soya beans - Shredded recycled matter - Sewerage sludge & digestate - Flaked maize - Nuts - Fruit and fruit slices - Compost - Cotton rejects - Extruded pet foods - Finely ground wet chips - Grass - Grass seed - Orange peel - Pulp granulates - Solid shredded waste - Granular & shredded plastic - Poultry manure - Sludge

How to dry digestate


Specification Key Points

  • Fine mesh drying belt
  • All galvanized construction. Stainless steel as an option.
  • Multiple heat sources available including biomass, steam, oil, kerosene or gas.
  • PLC touch screen panel with internet connectivity.
  • Levelling device.
  • Modular construction.
  • Rotary brush to clean belt. 
  • Various widths up to 3m available.
  • Designed and manufactured in house.
  • Optional cooling section.

General Design

Modular galvanised steel construction available in 1.5m, 2.2m and 3m widths. 

Belt dryer drying digestate

The drier can be increased in length in 1m increments from 8.5m to 38.5m (including drive and tail). The overal height of the drier is dependant on the heat source chosen.

Heat Sources Available

These are commonly used for application where a biomass heat source is available such as woodchip boilers to produce hot water or if there is a steam heat source available.
The drier can be tailored to accept a customer’s existing heat exchangers if required.

If a separate heat source is required a direct fired furnace with diesel, kerosene, LPG or natural gas burner can be used. Alternatively a heat exchanger with the same burner can be used for indirect heating if required.

Belt Drier Belt Section

Belt Information

Polymer Woven Belt

  • An anti-static synthetic/bronze weave mesh which is well suited to low temperature driers. Temperatures of up to 130°C.
  • Best suited for smaller/finer products, or products which have a wide range of particle sizes such as woodchip.
  • The woven in bronze wires permanently prevent electro-static charging of the belt. 
  • The mesh has a high level of air permeability. 
  • Two Separate tracking rollers & two rotary cleaning brushes (one at the drive end & one at the tail end).

Drying anaerobic digestateOptions

  • Feeding hopper that can be used as a buffer hopper to help feed the product evenly over the belt. This feeding hopper will have a number of screw feeders dependent on the width of drier chosen. The hopper can be fed via dump loading, elevators, conveyors or screw conveyors.
  • Drier panels can be insulated along the drying section to improve heat retention.
  • A false floor option is available for a fully enclosed drier base. 
  • Perry Belt dryer drying digestateA complete enclosure can be built around the drier to house the heat exchangers and the fans. This is built with insulated wall panels and two access doors (one in the hot & one in the cold plenum)
PLC Control Panel

The Perry PLC Control Panel is unique in that it shows you an on-screen mimic of your drier making it one of the most Perry Belt Drier Control Panelsimple control panels available on the market.
With our new App available in iTunes & Google Play, you can operate your drier from anywhere you get a signal, meaning you don't have to keep watch of, you can also get email and text alerts & updates sent straight to your phone just to reassure you that everything is ok. (Requires panel to be connected to the internet)  
  • 12” Touch screen.
  • Simple operation.
  • Plain English status alerts.
  • Designed & programmed in house.
  • Data logging of all readouts and alarms and drier status.
  • Perry Belt dryer drying digestateMoisture contents can be entered during the day.
  • Export all recorded drier conditions and moisture contents to a spreadsheet and automatically create daily record sheets. 
  • Fuel use calculator included for diesel applications.

The drier history is recorded and input & output screens display current panel conditions to aid fault diagnostics.

Perry Belt dryer drying digestate

Internet Connectivity
Connect your panel to the internet to allow:

  • Status reports can be sent to select mobile numbers and email addresses.
  • Ability to control or monitor the drier remotely from any internet connected PC or tablet.
  • Download all drier history and data logged records.
  • Allows remote connection by Perry engineers to diagnose any faults or to control the drier.

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