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Dual drier proves to be ideal for Devon Grain

Devon Grain LogoDevon Grain’s store was built in readiness for the 1983 harvest and had an original capacity of 8,500 tonnes. Successive extensions have added extra storage and facilities to provide a current 25,000 tonne store capacity based on 21 storage silos with a further eight holding silos with capacities ranging from 300 to 2,200 tonnes.

Devon Grain StoreOriginally the drying capacity at Devon Grain comprised of two continuous flow grain driers with capacities of 27 and 29TPH respectively. Due to the nature of the number of members that Devon Grain has and the small and frequent deliveries of different crops during the season the logistics of managing the wet storage and the need to keep emptying the driers between crops was a problem which also cost a lot of drying time.

Devon Grain Dual DrierDevon Grain spoke to the engineers at Perry of Oakley Ltd and it was decided that an M615 dual column drier with natural gas burners would be installed. This drier comprises of two separate grain columns and discharges that are capable of being operated separately or combined as if one large capacity drier. Capacity combined is 69TPH.

There are three intakes at Devon grain, all capable of over 100 tonnes per hour, so there is a rapid turnaround with minimal waiting times even during the busiest harvest periods. The highest intake tonnage in one day was 1400 and it comprised 6 different crops.

With the new dual column drier Devon Grain have the benefit of much increased drying capacity when using both columns combined if drying from high moisture contents and when drying at low temperatures, however the main benefit is when using the two grain columns independently so one column can be stationary full of Oil seed rape whilst the other column can be used to dry malting Barley. Then when more Oil seed rape arrives the other column can be started straightaway and there is no time lost emptying and filling and recirculating the drier to get started.

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The drier PLC panel is a 12” touch screen control panel that is simple to use and easy to follow. It has been designed & programmed in house and each panel is customised to each drier that is sold. There are over 70 alarms and messages allowing you to understand quickly and easily what is happening in your drier. Perry’s have also removed the need to babysit the drier as text messages and emails can be sent to set numbers and addresses to give regular status reports on the drying process.

In 2014 Devon Grain also installed a model 250 industrial specification elevator and a model 230/30 industrial conveyor to fill the new storage silo. The industrial range of equipment that Perry’s produce is capable of capacities up to 600TPH and is all manufactured from heavy duty galvanised steel.  Other ranges available include the standard agricultural range (up to 60TPH) and the heavy duty agricultural range (up to 120TPH).

 Devon grain indutrial elevatorDevon Grain industrial elevator

We were very pleased to see an in-depth article about the latest upgrade to the grain store in the Farmer Weekly, which you can find here

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