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Fire Risk Reduced in Feed Plant Thanks to Perry Equipment

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Dengie Crops Ltd., well known manufacturers of high quality chopped alfalfa (chaff) based feeds for horses had to refurbish their manufacturing plant near Southminster, South East England, due to fire damage. A faulty cooler allowed a fire to break out, it burned the belt of the belt and bucket elevator that was taking the product away from the cooler, the fire quickly spread to some of the other belted handling machinery that was connected to it.

Dengie Crops Ltd. produces over 20,000 tonnes of

High Capacity Screw Conveyortheir chopped alfalfa feeds each year. They run their machines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year with two 12 hour shifts each day. The machines have minimal downtime in order to keep up with demand. Dengie needed their machines up and running again as quickly as possible, they contacted their trusted dealer, Game Engineering Ltd., and asked them to help provide them with a solution.

Large feed augers

Game Engineering Ltd. helped Dengie redesign some of their feed mill using screw conveyors to transport the product between processes rather than replacing the damaged elevators and conveyors. Once the decision had been made to use screw conveyors, Game Engineering Ltd. contacted Perry of Oakley Ltd. to see if they could provide the industrial specification machines within a tight time scale of just 5 weeks.

Perry of Oakley Ltd. are the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of materials handling & drying equipment. With over 70 years experience in the industry, 2017 saw Perry named as one of the UK’s top 100 SME’s & won SHAPA’s Exporter of the year award. They have helped provide solutions for a wide range of industries from agricultural applications, feed & flaking mill equipment and industrial applications.

Dengie Crops Augers

Perry of Oakley Ltd. supplied Dengie with six new screw conveyors and one extension for an existing screw. The new conveyors were 600mmø ‘U-Trough’ screw conveyors. Manufactured from high quality 5mm thick galvanised steel casing with one piece flighting segmented from 5mm thick mild steel on a heavy duty and oversized 219mmø centre tube. 

Each screw conveyor is capable of handling 11tph (based on a 30% fill) of the chopped alfalfa at 66kg/m³, the equivalent of 320tph of dried wheat, these screw coveyors are a truly industrial specification and built to last!

The screw conveyor lengths range from 3m to 8.5m, going from horizontal up to a 25 degree incline.

Augers for Feed

They are durable and adaptable, meaning they are handling the different inclines easily and efficiently. From the point of order, the machines were despatched in just 5 weeks; Perry of Oakley Ltd. had met the targets of the tight deadlines within the time specified.

Dengie have also installed a new screener that senses if there is a fire and then contains the fire to within one auger, giving Dengie Crops Ltd. the reassurance that if a fire were to break out again, the damage will be limited to one machine.

A by-product of exchanging the belt & bucket elevators and conveyors with the screw conveyors has been the reduction of dust in the atmosphere. It is now an almost dust free environment to work in and again helps reduce the risk of fire.

Dengie Crops Ltd’s production manager, Bill Livermore said: “We are really happy with the new augers. It’s a lot cleaner and they have helped minimise the risk of fire. The turn-around time & installation time was really good, we were surprised to find a company that could meet such tight deadlines. We did find the augers collected the heat a little bit, but that has been easily resolved with slots cut into the lids of the augers. Overall we are really happy with the new system and would recommend both Perry of Oakley Ltd & Game Engineering Ltd.” 

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