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We operate 3 Edwards Pearson PR6 CNC pressbrakes. 2 are 150T and one is a 200T model

Folding MachinesOperating a Folding Machine

Maximum bend length 3M
Maximum bend thickness 10mm (depending on length and material type)

Edwards Pearson PR3 and PR6 CNC Press Brakes and CNC Bending

We have used Edwards Pearson CNC press brakes for many years to fold up our longer sheet metal components. Both our PR3 and PR6 press brake machines have the capability to fold sheet metal work from 1mm to 3M in length and from 0.4mm aluminium to 10mm stainless steel having a maximum hydraulic pressing force of up to 200 tonnes.

Folding machine in useFolding machine close up

With CNC programmed bending cycles stored on the machines computer and up to 6 axis CNC back gauge systems these machines are both accurate and reliable when it comes to repeat batch work. Both machines are hydraulically powered allowing us to have a precise control over the angle of any bend you need for your design. We have tooling for standard angles, z forms and safe edges up to 3M in length. We can also source special form tools if you need a non-standard section for your design. When curved sections are required we can program our CNC press brakes to simulate the curve with a series of short flat sections (multi-bends). These sections can be adjusted to give the best compromise between the look of the finished components and the cost of the process, more bends with shorter flat sections will produce a better approximation to a curve but take longer and as ever, time’s money.