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Full Plant Refurbishment in St Andrews

Strathtyrum Estates

Mr Henry Cheape approached K. M. Duncan Agricultural Engineers Ltd. in search of a better handling and drying solution for the 600 acres of combinable crops within the estimated 2300 acres of Strathtyrum Estates in St Andrews, Scotland.

Previously, Mr Cheape was running a Farm Fans batch drier that was situated in a building that was some distance away from his storage area. This often resulted in both excessive handling and double handling of his crop, making the process very labour intensive and uneconomical. The system was also worn out and no longer fast enough to keep up with the demands put upon it.

Pusk Farm

K. M. Duncan Agricultural Engineers Ltd. recommended to Mr Cheape that he installed both Perry of Oakley Ltd. handling equipment and a Perry Drier. Perry and K. M. Duncan decided on a solution that will enable the plant to increase in their drying capacity with greatly reduced handling, making the whole plant more cost effective and less labour intensive.

A new building has been erected at Strathtyrum Estates to house the new intake, drier, aspirator cleaner, elevators and PLC plant control panel. There are store conveyors linking the new building to the older steading buildings which are used for storage,

then more conveyors continuing on to Grain Storage

a more recent floor store that had been built on the other side of the steading buildings. The layout has been designed so that each of the buildings can eventually be replaced with more modern buildings whilst keeping the same centre line so as not to disrupt the new handling equipment.

From the intake the crop travels up an auger and into a Perry AC60 aspirator pre-cleaner and cyclone. The aspirator pre-cleaner has a capacity of 60 tph

Aspirator Pre Cleaner & Bucket Elevator

and has been designed to separate light grains and chaff from the crop helping to improve the quality and cleanliness of the crop. From there, the crop is transported up one of two 60tph Perry model 220 single lift belt & bucket elevators and into a 60tph Perry flow and return store conveyor. The flow and return conveyor deposits the crop into the drier and returns any overspill back to the pit.

The drier selected for the upgrade was a 20.5tph Perry M407 continuous mixed flow drier. All of the Perry grain driers are designed and manufactured in the UK and are designed to BS6399 for wind loading and BS5950 for structural strength with a fully galvanised construction. This particular drier has been fitted with a Light Grain & Chaff Recovery System (LGCRS) which is a pneumatically operated system that periodically discharges chaff and light grain directly into the

Light Grain & CHaff Recovery

discharge hopper and back to the main grain flow. The LGCRS has been designed to remove the need to clean out light grains and chaff from the drier exhaust plenum and the pneumatic flap also optimises the airflow when it is in the shut position.

The driers pneumatic shutter discharge discharges the crop into a 60tph Perry FC/FE curved combination store conveyor which then deposits the crop into the second of the two 60tph Perry elevators. The elevator transfers the crop into a short Perry inclined store conveyor which is connected to one long conveyor which spans from the new building, across the road (with span braces to support it) and through the two older buildings which are used as stores.

The whole system is controlled by the Perry PLC Plant Control Panel. This is a 12” touch screen PLC panel has been designed and programmed by Perry engineers and is capable of controlling up to 10 machines as standard along with the drier. The panel displays a mimic of the complete store as well as having multiple automatic routes available, making it simple to understand and use. The drier control within the panel displays a complete mimic of the drier which helps make the Perry driers one of the most simple to operate, that is available on the market today.

PLC Drier Control Panel

The panel can be connected to the internet to allow status reports to be sent to selected mobile numbers and email addresses, data logging and remote access. The PLC Panel has over 65 alarms and messages built in to it, helping to keep what is going on with your drier clear and simple to understand. The PLC panel also has a crop set up page which allows you to enter the crop type, intake moisture content and target moisture content. The panel will then set all the drier parameters and start speed for you, using the data you have put in.

Strathtyrem Estates estimate putting between 1,800 and 2,000 tonnes of malting and feed barley, milling and feed wheat and oil seed rape through the new handling and drying system per year.

Mr Cheape said “Perry and K. M. Duncan have worked together to provide me with a suitable solution that allows for future development. Harvest and drying should be much easier as the plant will be able to look after itself with minimal interaction and no double handling of the crop.”