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Revesby Estate is based near Boston, Lincolnshire. They have 1,000 hectares of arable farming and produce 6,000 tonnes of grain per annum, 5,000 tonnes of this is wheat, the other 1,000 tonne is a mix of rape and barley.


In 1982 Revesby Estate installed a range of 30tph Law Denis handling and drying equipment, but over the years Revesby Estate have expanded their arable farming acreage and as a result the Law Denis equipment was no longer able to keep up with the required throughput. Revesby Estate opted to install both handling and drying equipment from Perry of Oakley Ltd. when it was time to upgrade their equipment.

Revesby Estates grain Drier

The new installation at Revesby Estate is an intricate network of conveyors, elevators, aspirator cleaners, cyclones, ducting and a drier.

The handling equipment is from the Perry of Oakley Ltd. heavy duty range, which is capable of capacities from 80tph to 150tph and is built to a semi industrial specification, ideally suited to smaller grain stores or larger farms, it fills a gap in the market between standard agricultural equipment and full industrial specification equipment.

There are four 100tph belt & bucket elevators ranging in heights from 12.65m to 19.25m, all fitted with ATEX approved explosion relief panels and rotation sensors with under speed monitoring. All of Perry’s machines are manufactured from durable galvanised steel.

There is one uprated and refurbished existing intake and seven new chain & flight conveyors, one of which is a flow and return conveyor and five are curved combination conveyors. All of the conveyors are capable of achieving 100tph throughput capacity and range in lengths from 9.1m to 26.5m.

150tph aspirator pre cleaner at revesby estatesPerry of Oakley Ltd have also supplied an AC150 aspirator pre-cleaner, which is capable of capacities up to 150tph and has been designed to remove dust, chaff and light particles from the grain before it is dried. In addition to this, due to the high air flow provided by the 22kw fan with inverter control, it is capable of being adjusted to improve the bulk density of the crop if the sample has too many pinched or small grains. This helps to improve product quality.

The drier is a Perry M611 shutter discharge drier, capable of throughput capacities of up to 49tph and has a holding capacity of 51 tonnes. The drier has been fitted with Perry of Oakley Ltd.'s revolutionary CentriKleens, which reduce the amount of dust & chaff exiting the drier by up to 95% (independently verified), helping to keep plant yards and roofs clean. CentriKleens can be retro-fitted to any drier with axial fans.

They have also increased their storage capacity by adding Bentall Rowland silos to this installation. The silos have added an extra 3000 tonnes storage capacity, and the Perry of Oakley Ltd equipment has been designed to allow further expansions in the future. The Perry of Oakley Ltd equipment can call from the bin or the pit, or can deliver to the silos or the stores.

PLC Control PanelThe whole system is controlled with the Perry PLC plant control panel, a touch screen panel that has been designed and programmed in house to be simple and effective to use. The PLC panel is able to be connected to the internet, which in turn offers its users text and email alerts of status updates, and an app that allows you to control it using your mobile phone while on the move.

Revesby Estate have planned for the future with this installation. They plan to expand their product range to include beans and oats and the flexibility of the Perry of Oakley Ltd. equipment allows them to further increase their capacities at a later date if required and allows them to become a semi commercial operation by offering contract drying and storage, which now they have the new equipment, is on the cards for the future.

Revesby Estates said “We are really happy with the new system, everything is running well & we have future proofed for years to come.”

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CentriKleen on Grain Drier at Revesby Estate Bins at Revesby Estate