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Why the Perry Belt Drier?

 Perry of Oakley Ltd have seen a wide range of applications for their Belt Driers, including drying woodchip, digestate, grass, refuse and paper pulp across the UK and internationally.


  • All galvanised construction.Perry Belt Drier
  • Modular design - Extend your machine at a later date.
  • Flexible - One drier can dry many different products.
  • Consistent air flow - No louvres or perforations to become blocked.
  • Good reliable operation – No chains or slats in contact with the product.
  • Air is drawn down through the product and belt – good at drying light products.
  • PLC touch screen control panel with internet connectivity including mobile phone APP.
  • Proven on many products including grass, paper pulp, woodchip & much more!Grass Drying
  • Optional agitators available, depending on product being dried
  • Belt cleaning options available
  • Suits a variety of heat sources including heat recovery options
  • Polymer fine mesh woven belt, suitable for drying most materials
  • Manufactured by the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of materials handling & drying equipment


 Perry Belt DrierGrass Drying