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Low bulk density is no problem for Cannington's AC150 Pre Cleaner

Cannington Grain

Established in 1977 Cannington Grain has expanded steadily to its current 40,000 tonne capacity. Storage is based on 25 silos with combined capacity of 30,000 tonnes and a floor store for a further 10,000 tonnes.

Over the last two years the store has undergone an extensive refurbishment programme in order to meet the needs of both farmer members and consumer customers. Intake facilities with tail gate tips now ensure turn round times of no more than 10 minutes. Daily intake capacity peaks at 2,500 tonnes per day while high capacity grain dryers, handling in excess of 100 tonnes per hour, ensure crops are conditioned quickly with no loss of quality.

AC150 Aspirator pre cleaner

Due to the low bulk densities of grain experienced in 2013 John Collins, store manager, at Cannington Grain had identified a need for a grain cleaner that would achieve more than a straightforward pre cleaning job. He approached Perry’s and they designed a high capacity Aspirator pre cleaner with enough air flow and adjustment to be able to pre clean and significantly increase the bulk density of combinable crops.

The AC150 is an all galvanised unit suitable for outdoor use. It uses a triple air inlet and extraction system to maximise the crops exposure to the cleaning air to enable it to produce a good quality sample whilst keeping the unit compact. The 22kw fan is inverter controlled to enable easy adjustment of the airflow as well as hand adjusted air inlet slides.

John Collins Quote

There have been over 45 Perry pieces of equipment installed during this refurbishment period with capacities from 60 to 350 tph, including an 80tph M617 Perry drier.  Cannington Grain Store is also home to the Perry M217 test drier, without which testing Perry’s latest products like the CentriKleen and LGCRS system would be a lot more difficult. Perry’s would like to take this chance to extend a personal thank you to John Collins, Cannington grain store manager.

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 Cannington Grain Pre CleanerCannington Grain Pre Cleaner