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70th Anniversary - Tom Perry

Monday, March 6, 2017

With this being Perry of Oakley Ltd's 70th anniversary we plan to post a series of posts about Perry of Oakley Ltd. We will look back on the journey Perry of Oakley has taken over the last 70 years to become the company we are today.

Tom Perry from Perry of Oakley LtdToday, we start with Tom Perry. The founder of Perry of Oakley Ltd.

Tom was a farmers son, who offered a mobile repair and manufacturing service to local farmers and businesses in the Oakley, Basingstoke area of Hampshire.

During the early 1950’s many new farm mechanization aids were designed by Tom Perry and manufactured in Oakley. These included tractor mounted buck rakes, trailers, dust reduction systems for combine harvesters and jog trough grain conveyors driven by petrol engines or electric motors. These conveyors had capacities of up to 5 tph, as capacity requirements increased the first chain and flight conveyors were developed. These conveyors were the fore runners of the conveyors that Perry’s currently design and manufacture with capacities up to 650 tph.

Tom grew the business from a mobile repair service, to employing engineers to build and design handling equipment in a converted greenhouse, to eventually In 1952 the first factory was built in Oakley it measured 60 foot x 40 foot.