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Pellet dust extraction

Friday, July 14, 2017

BD SuppliesA recently supplied solution for BD Supplies, who supply premium quality wood chip pellets wanted to extract the dust from their pellets, in order to help protect their customers boilers from the damage excessive wood chip dust can cause. Perry of Oakley supplied a 4m x 4m (13.5 tonne holding capacity) hopper bottom bin, which feeds a 7.25m 40tph (based on pellets at 600kg/m³) roller trough belt conveyor which discharges into a 40tph aspirator pre-cleaner. The pre-cleaner removes dust and light fines, the cyclone attached then dispenses the dust into a tote bag. After the cleaner the product is elevated to the required height for filling the vehicles, ready for despatch.

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Pellet dust extraction Pellet dust extraction