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Organic Feed Production for Lloyd Maunder

Project objective:
To change from purchasing organic feed to in house
production for all the Lloyd Maunder organic reared products.

To facilitate this it was decided to accommodate an organic production line within the existing mill at Uffculme, Devon.

Organic Feed Production for Lloyd MaunderOrganic Feed Production for Lloyd Maunder

The Plan:
To implement the scheme in 3 phases

Additional storage, weighing and handling to convey organic feed into the existing mill grinders and mixers.
2) Add new mixer, grinder, micro ingredients  system into the existing mill building with the additional handling required.
Addition of intake system  to convey the organic products into the new storage bins installed in phase one.

Equipment supplied phase 1:
6 off 30 tph 300 mm diameter  bin dischargers.
3 off 30 tph 300 mm diameter transfer screw conveyors
1 off 30 tph 400 mm wide curved twin trace conveyor with
metering inlet and 7M long, 2T capacity weigh hopper.
1 off  30 tph model 250M belt & bucket elevator.
2 off 30 tph 61212 chain and flight conveyors

Organic Feed Production for Lloyd MaunderOrganic Feed Production for Lloyd Maunder


All equipment painted with zinc rich powder primer prior to powder coating to give superior corrosion resistance in damp conditions.

All screw conveyors fitted SEW gearboxes.

All dischargers with variable pitch flights, 3 mm casings, RHP bearings, blockage switches at outlets.

Twin trace weigh hopper conveyor fitted with twin strands of 6,000 lb roller chain with deep flights and 30 degree curved drive section to feed into bucket elevator boot.

Model 250 elevator all in outdoor galvanised construction with Super Starco buckets and Nitrile rubber belting.

61212 chain & flight conveyors fitted 4 mm thick bases, 3 mm sides.

Over the last 10 years the plant has had a very high product throughput & Lloyd Maunder have been impressed with the service they have recieved from Perry of Oakley Ltd.

Richard Barrs, Engineering Manager, ABN Uffculme who was a key person involved with the design of the plant over a decade ago said recently “ We have always found Perry’s a knowledgable, well informed company to work with . They stock a good complement of spare parts and the equipment is of a good specification and has given many years of trouble free operation.”

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