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PLC Drier Control Panel


If you are looking for the Perry PLC Plant Control Panel, capable of handling up to 20 machines & a drier, please click here >>> 



  • 12” touch Screen.
  • Internet connectivity allows for remote operation via an app or your PC.
  • Programmed in house.
  • Simple operation.
  • Over 70 alarms and messages.
  • Automatic grain moisture control system. This uses temperatures at the top and bottom of the drier to monitor incoming and outgoing grain moisture changes and control the drier discharge speed accordingly.
  • Plain language status alerts.
  • Designed and programmed in house.
  • Data logging of all readouts and alarms & drier status.
  • Recirculating batch mode included - requires additional empty probe.


Drier Panel2

Crop Set Up Page

The crop set up page allows you to enter the crop type, intake moisture content and target moisture content. The panel will then set all the drier parameters and start speed using this data. By selecting the crop, the control panel sets all temperatures and fan speeds to suit it.



The drier history is recorded and input & output screens display current panel conditions to aid fault diagnostics.

Drier Panel 3

Call us now to see if the Perry PLC Panel can help optomise your Perry drier +44 (0)1404 890300 or email


Automatic Grain Moisture Control System
Automatic Grain Moisture Control System

The Perry drier auto discharge control system included within the panel operates using a list of user adjustable parameters to enable each drier to be tuned to the customer's needs. These include the sensitivity, rate of sampling and target hot grain temperatures. The system uses the we grain and dry grain temperatures either individually or as a combination of the two to control the speed of the drier and to maintain the grain moisture content. This makes it one of the leading methods of control on the market today.


 Internet connectivity

 Connect your panel to the internet to:

  • Control your drier from either your PC or an app available in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Allow status reports to be sent to selected mobile numbers and email addresses.
  • Have the ability to control or monitor the drier remotely from any internet connected PC or tablet.
  • Download all drier history and data logged records.
  • Remote connection by Perry engineers to diagnose any faults.
  • Moisture contents can be entered during the day.
  • Export all recorded drier conditions and moisture contents to a spreadsheet and automatically create daily record sheets.
  • Connect the drier to the internet and allow UK engineers to access the panel for diagnostics or adjustments while you watch the screen.

Requires internet connection and modem for all features.

Drier Panel 4       Drier Panel 5

Control Panel App

We are pleased to announce the launch of an app and remote desktop connection which allows you to connect to and control your Perry PLC control panel from any PC or IOS / Android mobile device.*

The app allows users more flexibility when operating their driers; you can now operate panel or check the status of your Perry equipment from wherever you happen to be.


Full control of your drier from anywhere with a WiFi or 3G/4G connection!

Phone Application

Drier App

Free app available from both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

  • Control your Perry PLC drier or plant panel from your phone.
  • Two settings allowing you to either view or control the panel.
  • Screen shows an exact mimic of your panel.
  • Full zoom compatibility making the buttons and screen easier to read.
  • Static IP and passwords mean the connection is secure.
  • Multiple applications can be installed on different devices.
  • Multiple panels can be installed on each application.


Advances in technology are allowing farmers to save both time & money by becoming more mobile and less reliant on traditional, labour intensive farming methods. At Perry of Oakley Ltd. we pride ourselves in being up to date with technological advances, along with wanting to provide our customers with a quality product we also want them to embrace the new technology available to make their lives easier. We now have a mobile phone application that allows you to control or view your Perry Drier or Plant Control Panel. 

There is a FREE app available on both Apple App Store and within the Google Play Store that allows for a quick and easy connection to your Perry Control Panel. Once connected you can control your Perry PLC Drier or Plant Panel from your phone allowing you to control your drier or plant from anywhere. 

There are two settings within the app, the first allows full control which allows you to operate the panel from your phone and the second is view only which allows you to view all the menus within the panel and the panel itself, so you can check that everything is running as expected. 

The screen will show exactly what is on your panel, so there is no need to learn any new routes or procedures, you use it in exactly the same way as the panel itself. On a phone screen the buttons can become a little small, but there is a full zoom compatability allowing you to zoom in to the screen and scroll around, making the app easier to read. 

Call us now to see if the Perry PLC Panel can help optomise your Perry drier +44 (0)1404 890300 or email

Remote Connection

Drier remote operationThe remote desktop allows more in-depth analysis of your control panel. Status reports and alarm history have never been so easy to access.


Sit at your computer while keeping a close eye on your grain drier!


Remote Desktop Operation


  • Use the connection in exactly the same way as the panel, the screen shows an exact mimic of your panel. Everything that can be done on the panel can be done in the remote connection.
  • Static IP and password on the panel means connection is secure.
  • Same software our engineers use to offer remote support.
  • Application can be installed n more than one device.
  • Multiple panels can be connected to the application.

Your panel is connected to the internet, which allows you to access the following within your drier panel:

  • Status reports in email and text form to be sent to selected numbers and email addresses.
  • Can download all alarm history and recorded drier conditions.
  • Remote connection by Perry engineers to diagnose any faults.
  • Moisture contents can be entered during the day.
  • Can export all recorded drier conditions and moisture contents to Excel and automatically create daily record sheets.
  • Fuel use calculator included for oil burning driers.

*Panel must be connected to the internet with a static IP address and port forwarding facility, no app currently available for Windows devices.

You can install the application on more than one PC if required and you can link the application to multiple panels. This is particularly useful for people who have more than one drier or plant, it means that no matter how many panels you own, you can control them or just check the running of your equipment from your desk.  

This is a secure connection that requires a static IP address & a password, the passwords can be changed quickly and easily should you wish.

It is the same software that our engineers use to offer their remote support, meaning we are very familiar with it & can offer training and support when needed. 

 For more information please contact us on +44 (0)1404 890300.

Call us now to see if the Perry PLC Panel can help optomise your Perry drier +44 (0)1404 890300 or email


Drier Panel 6

Drier Panel 7

Drier Panel 8



Call us now to see if the Perry PLC Panel can help optomise your Perry drier +44 (0)1404 890300 or email


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