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When you buy agricultural or industrial equipment such as elevators, driers or conveyors from Perry of Oakley Ltd., which is going to work non-stop, handling thousands of tonnes of materials, it's good to know that it bears a family name that is a guarantee of quality and service.
Please select one of the following catagories:
 Grain Drying  GRain Handling

Grain Drying >>>

Savannah Series continuous mixed flow grain driers with full range of accessories, available in capacities from 8tph to 150tph. Best suited to granular and free flowing products such as grain, maize, rape, pulses & cereals. 

Belt driers best suited to products with poor flow-ability or products that require a lower throughput capacity, such as woodchip/biomass, digestate, grass, refuse & seeds.

Grain Handling (Up to 120tph) >>>

Chain & flight conveyors, mechanical reception pits, silo auger discharge system, belt & bucket elevators, screw conveyors & augers, belt conveyors, aspirator pre-cleaners, levelling & travelling conveyors, ducting, fittings, valves, bins & dischargers.

This section includes our agricultural & heavy duty agricultural range of products. 

CentriKleens   Industrial Handling

CentriKleens >>>

Had enough of having yards or roofs covered in chaff from your drier? CentriKleen is your solution! 

CentriKleen is the cost effective, simple solution to your drier's dust and chaff problems.

Industrial Handling (Up to 1000tph) >>>

Chain & flight conveyors, belt & bucket elevators, screw conveyors & augers, belt conveyors, twin trace conveyors, levelling & travelling conveyors, ducting, fittings, valves, bins & dischargers.

This section is our industrial range of products. 

 Mobile grain drier feeding Grain Sampling Equipment 

Portable / Mobile Dryer Applications >>>

Perry manufacture a range of equipment that has been designed to fill & empty portable driers including trench intakes, reception hoppers, bins & general handling equipment.  

Grain Sampling >>>

Perry of Oakley Ltd. are the UK's exclusive dealers for France's TPLG and their range of grain sampling equipment including the HERON, COBRA, SARA and CAMELEON ranges. 

 Bins & Storage  Rotary Grain Cleaner

Bins & Storage >>>

Perry of Oakley Ltd. manufacture and supply a range of square and round storage silos, square bins and tote bins.

Rotary Grain Cleaners >>>

Perry of Oakley Ltd. are now a UK dealer for Italy's Zanin & their range of rotary grain cleaners. 

 Flaking & Milling Equipment  

Flaking & Milling Equipment >>>

Perry of Oakley Ltd. are the official Gearn Inc. dealer for Europe, Africa & the Middle East. Full turn-key solutions available. 



Download a brochure (English Versions):
 Grain Drying Brochure  Grain & Bulk Handling Brochure  Customer Case Studies  Belt Drier Brochure
Continuous mixed flow grain drier >>> Grain & Bulk Handling Equipment >>> Customer Case Studies >>> Belt Drier >>>

You can also download a range of pdf's from our Brochures section on the website to print off and read at your leisure.

Perry of Oakley was founded in the late 1940's on demanding standards and pioneering ideas.

Perry ProductsPerry

We still apply those standards and ideas to our own manufacturing facility and products to ensure your production line runs smoothly.

It is our belief that time served experience is invaluable. As we are the designer and manufacturer of our own products, we not only invest in the latest CNC machinery, but we value our long serving staff. The Perry name guarantees product suitability and reliability and we back it with excellent customer service.

If you have any questions about any of our products please contact us