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Zanin Grain Cleaner LogoPerry are pleased to announce that we are now a UK dealer for Italy's Zanin. 

Established in 1956, Zanin have a proven track record in manufacturing high quality rotary grain cleaners. 

Cleaning grain/cereal before it is dried is an essential process for grain that is going to be stored for long periods of time. By improving the quality of the grain before it is dried you reduce the risk of the grain overheating whilst in storage, reduce drier running costs as you are only drying good quality grain and also you reduce the amount of dust that is released into the air around your yard whilst the grain is being dried

Rotary Drum Cleaner with Aspiration UnitPRA - Rotary Grain Cleaner with Aspiration Unit

The PRA improves grain/cereal quality by removing light dust, chaff & heavier impurities before drying. The aspirator removes light dust and particles, whilst the rotary drum cleaner removes heavier impurities such as chaff, husk and split grains. Capacities begin at 20tph.

To find out more about the PRA Rotary Grain Cleaner with Aspiration Unit click here >>>  

Rotary Drum CleanerPPR - Rotary Grain Cleaners

The PPR Rotary Grain Cleaner is designed to remove chaff and heavier impurities from grain and cereal before drying. The PPR has the same rotary grain cleaner as the PRA, but does not have the aspiration unit to help remove dust and lighter chaff from the product before it is dried. Capacities begin at 20tph.

To find out more about the PPR Rotary Grain Cleaner click here >>>


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