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Seed Handling

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  • Bucket Spacer Washers
  • Plastic or Steel Buckets
  • Easy to clean out Seed Boot
  • Access Doors
  • Range of Belt Speeds

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  • Radius Plates
  • Cleaning Flights
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Seed Handling

seed handling

 All the handling equipment in the Perry range can be converted for seed handling applications.

Seed HandlingSeed Handling

For belt and bucket elevators:

seed boots can be fitted with a slide out tray to quickly allow residue to be cleaned out of the elevator. This slide can also be automated.
Spacer washers can be fitted between the belting and the buckets to help stop seeds being trapped between them.

There are large access doors in the boot sides and they can be added to the head as well for easy cleaning.

Seed HandlingSeed HandlingSeed Handling

For chain and flight conveyors:

Tail ends have curved plates fitted to minimise residue.

Drive ends have no ledges

Cleaning flights are fitted to sweep the casing clean

We have a full range of belt conveyors which are easy to clean as standard.

For the mobile seed cleaning trailers we also manufacture a combination horizontal auger to vertical flight elevator to save space in very tight areas.