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Service Information

Service and Installation

Perry's offer a full 143 point service on all of our driers that includes:

  • Continuous Mixed Flow Grain DrierDischarge & Bottom Hopper
  • Grain Column
  • Exhaust Plenum
  • Hot air Plenum
  • Furnace Plenum
  • Reserve Section & Roof
  • Ladder
  • Oil / Gas Burner
  • Control Panel

Perry of Oakley Ltd have a number of trained & experienced service technicians available to aid our dealers in the servicing of our driers.

David Caley our Commissioning engineer has been with Perry’s for 14 years and in the industry for over 22 years.

Wayne Hutchinson
Service engineer

Main responsibilities:

  • Commissioning
  • Drier servicing
  • Warranty remedial work.
  • Installation
  • Installation supervision

If you would like to know more or to get a quote please call Kenny Lauder on 07714 291538



Technical Support

We now have a dedicated Technical support engineer.

Tim Colthorpe
Direct Dial No: 01404 890305

Tim provides the first point of call for all technical enquiries for all products including driers and their panels.

Tim also maintains a dedicated database of problems and queries from customers so we can react with faster solutions if they occur again with a new customer.