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Silo Auger Discharge System

Silo auger discharge system

Silo auger discharge drive unit

Key Points

  • 200, 250 & 300mmø agricultural & industrial specification available.
  • 40 to 240tph as standard, other capacities priced on application.
  • 3mm thick casing tube or 5mm thick
  • Gear unit or Vee belt drive options available.
  • Each one made to order to suit the customers needs.
  • Individual rack and pinion control of inlet slides.
  • 2 layers of bitumastic paint making them suitable for casting in concrete.
  • External section in hot dip galvanised finish.
  • Silo Discharge AugerContinuously welded flights in 2m long sections for easy removal.
  • Blockage probe at discharge end
  • Conduit for sweep auger power cable, support legs and lifting lugs all welded in position.
  • Pivot bracket for sweep auger
  • Stainless steel slides and operating rods to aid long term reliability.

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Press Release

This system is available in 200mmø, 250mmø or 300mmø in both agricultural and industrial specifications. Its standard capacity range is 40tph to 240tph, other capacities can be priced on application. Due to the unique nature of this product, each one is made to order to suit the individual needs of our customers meaning the customer gets an end product tailored to their needs. 

Silo auger discharge system

Our system allows for maximum emptying efficiency as it's designed with one main inlet in the centre of the silo then multiple intermediate inlets spread from the centre of the silo out towards the edge. Each inlet has individual rack and pinion control, allowing for full and individual control of each inlet.

This purpose built system allows you to empty your silo quickly, easily and safely, in turn saving you both time and money.

The flights are made in 2m long sections that have been continuously welded. The 2m long sections mean they are easy to remove if required. The sections that are encased in concrete are coated in 2 layers of bitumastic paint. 

The drives are available in either gear units or Vee belt drives. 

For more information please call +44 (0)1404 890300

 Silo auger discharge system

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