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Perry’s manufacture and supply a range of square and round storage silos, square bins and tote bins.

Storage BinStorage Bin

  • All galvanised construction.
  • Square hopper bottom bin capacities from 1 to 100 tonnes based on wheat at 750kg/m³.
  • Round hopper bottom bin capacities from 1 to 1,554 tonnes based on wheat at 750kg/m³.
  • Round flat bottom silo capacities from 1 to 11,000 tonnes based on wheat at 750kg/m³.
  • Sizes from 1m² to 4m² - a variety of heights available.
  • Supplied flat pack for bolted construction on site.
  • 45 and 60 degree hoppers available.
  • Various lid options including dust covers, weather proof ids and tarpaulins.
  • Galvanised, stainless, mild steel & painted options available.
  • Mobile drier compatible square bins.
  • Forklift channels available on bins up to 3m².
  • Bin slides - manual, motorised & electro pneumatic
  • Bump bars on dump loaded bins to minimise damage from forklifts.
  • Modular design.
  • Special bins available to suit customers applications.
  • Standard flat bottom silos range from 3m diameter (15 tonnes storage) to 27m diameter (11,000 tonnes storage).
  • All silos are designed for high cyclic loading - high usage of product in and out at high tonnage rates.

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