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Topcliffe Grange Farm Go Further Than Expected With Upgrade

Topcliffe Grange Farm Drier

Charles Haigh of Topcliffe Grange Farm in West Yorkshire has a 500 Arce mixed arable and livestock farm. Throughout the year he grows a mixture of wheat, barley, linseed, oilseed rape & beans. Before this year Mr Haigh used a shed floor fitted with pedestal aeration towers to dry his crop. The drying process was very slow and labour intensive, it was also dependant on ambient conditions which resulted in Mr Haigh having to either sell his crop early and miss the better prices later on in the year or send his crop to commercial storage.

Topcliffe Grange DrierMr Haigh had decided to upgrade his drying and handling equipment. Originally he had considered only installing an intake system to feed some tall fiberglass silos he already had but then to upgrade his drying system.

Mr Haigh had made a visit to his local brewery where he saw Perry of Oakley Ltd handling equipment. The brewery gave the equipment’s performance, ease of maintenance & support a glowing reference. Mr Haigh was particularly pleased with the rapid response to questions from both Perry of Oakley & the dealer he had used, J. W. Installations.

Perry of Oakley approached  J. W. Installations asking them to help with the installation & between Perry &  J. W. Installations a new drying system was proposed that would reduce the labour and speed up the drying process along with increasing Mr Haigh’s throughput each year, it also allows Mr Haigh to dry all year round & not be reliant on the ambient temperature resulting in Mr Haigh to be able to sell his crop later on in the year and getting better prices for it. Mr Haigh was running on a very tight time scale and needed to get the machinery installed as quickly as possible to be ready for harvest.

Mr Haigh QuoteTopcliffe Grange Drier

Mr Haigh’s new drying and handling equipment includes a 60TPH 3m curved store conveyor, 2x 200mmø tubular screw conveyor, a 60TPH aspirator cleaner, a 60TPH double lift belt & bucket elevator, a 60TPH horizontal store conveyor, a 40TPH horizontal store conveyor and a 20TPH M211 Perry drier. All of the equipment has been designed and manufactured by Perry of Oakley Ltd’s team of experienced engineers. In order to meet the tight time scale deadlines Perry supplied the machines with fitted drives and assembled grain sections within the drier to help reduce installation time.

The new system allows Mr Haigh to intake into his bins whilst drying, he can rotate grain from one bin to another or direct it straight into a building, the AC60 aspirator cleaner improves the cleanliness of the sample prior to drying and storage of the crop. Mr Haigh is expecting to put around 2000 Tonnes of crop through the new system each year.

The new equipment is all controlled by the Perry’s PLC Plant control panel. This touchscreen PLC panel has been designed and programmed by Perry engineers and is capable of controlling up to 10 machines as standard along with the drier. The panel displays a mimic of the complete store as well as having multiple automatic routes available, making it simple to understand and use.

Perry PLC Plant Control Panel