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Trailer Tipping

Perry manufacture a wide range of Mechanical reception hoppers.

These units provide a hopper with manually adjustable control slides that can be used to tip a tractor and trailer or artic trailer into.

Trailer TippingTrailer Tipping

They are available in 3, 4.5 and 6M lengths

Capacities are from 40 to 600 tph based on cereals

They can be fitted to any conveyor combination of ours. The most popular of which is a horizontal conveyor with the reception hopper fitted and then a 45 degree bend to rise up into the boot of a belt and bucket elevator without the need for a pit for the bucket elevator.

The most popular method of use is to have the hopper in a simple concrete trench. The top of the hopper is just below the surface with a run over grid for traffic above it. This enables trucks to pull forward and tip over a large area that will run into the hoppers without further use of a loader bucket.

Trailer TippingTrailer TippingTrailer Tipping

Because of the shallow trench design there is no problem with high water table areas.

But they can also be placed deep down in the ground with a concrete pit above it to create a large storage pit.

The mechanical reception hoppers provide a simple and robust method of receiving grain from trailers whilst giving the customer control over the flow rate.