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Upgrade and Expansion of Dying & Handling Equipment in East Pitkierie

Grain handling & drying equipment

John & Allan Marshall from East Pitkierie, Anstruther, Fife have an all arable farm with a 1,400 tonne barley store and a 3,800 tonne wheat store. They farm 695 acres of wheat, 217 acres of barley, 247 acres of oil seed rape & a further 80 acres of potatoes giving them a total of 1,300 acres of arable land to farm.

The father and son team decided to fully refurbish their store including erecting a new building and upgrading the drying and handling equipment. They contacted
K. M. Duncan Agricultural Engineering Ltd. to undertake the refurbishment work. They chose to work with K. M. Duncan as they are a local dealer to them with an excellent reputation for their quality of workmanship and good problem solving skills.

K M Duncan Agricultural Engineers Grain Handling & Drying

K. M. Duncan recommended Perry of Oakley Ltd. as the supplier of the grain handling & drying equipment. Perry are the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of materials handling & drying equipment. Over the last 70 years, Perry have supplied tens of thousands of solutions to various industries. In 2017 they were recognised as one of the UK’s top 100 SME’s and were awarded the accolade of UK Exporter of the Year by SHAPA.

The new system starts with twin 6m long 60tph Perry mechanical reception pits which feed an aspirator pre-cleaner via an inclined chain & flight conveyor. The aspirator pre-cleaner removes dust, chaff, husks, awns and materials lighter than grain to help improve crop quality. The airflow within the pre-cleaner can be adjusted to suit a variety of crops.

After pre-cleaning, the grain is elevated via an 11.5m high, 60tph belt & bucket elevator. The elevator gives the Marshall’s their first flexible route option as it can either feed the grain drier or a series of 60tph conveyors to take the grain to stores.

Grain dryer control panel

The grain drier is a Perry model M511 grain drier. It is capable of 41tph (based on wheat at 750kg/m³) and has had the Light Grain & Chaff Recovery System (LGCRS) installed on it. The LGCRS removes the need to clean out light grain and chaff from the drier exhaust plenum. The collected chaff and light seeds are released directly into the discharge hoppers. This system has proven particularly useful when drying oil seed rape. If you are tired of having to clean out your driers exhaust plenum during a busy harvest, the LGCRS could be the solution you have been searching for.

From the drier, the dried grain is then passed through a second aspirator pre-cleaner, then up another belt & bucket elevator and then delivered to stores via a belt conveyor which has been installed with a motorised tripper, allowing John & Allan Marshall to make the most of the storage space available in their new buildings and existing stores.

The whole system is controlled using a Perry 12” touch screen PLC program, which is designed and programmed at Perry’s factory in Devon by their team of experienced engineers.

John & Allan Marshall Said: “ We have found the Perry machines have quite low noise levels and we particularly like the Perry PLC control panel. It’s really simple to use and the text message alerts are really helpful. The automatic set up makes getting the drier running at its optimum for our crops really simple, and with the panel including the handling too, re-routing the crop is easier than we could have hoped for.” 

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