Grass Drying

Grass dryer loading

A quick walk around one of our largest belt drier installations to date.

This is 2 driers, working as one long drier. The top drier is a BD3024, a 3m wide, 29m long drier with 24m of drying bed. The bottom is a BD3018 a 3m wide, 23m long drier with 18m of drying bed.

The driers are drying field dried grass at a moisture content of about 45% down to 8%, using about 6MW of 100 - 110°C hot water. The driers are able to handle between 8 and 10tph of wet product (dependant on moisture variations & available heat)

If you have an application you think would be suitable for our belt driers, visit to find out more about or belt driers or call +44 (0)1404 890300 or email

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