Fire Detection & Suppression

Grain Drier Fire Detection

When correctly positioned and functioning, the Perry Fire Detection System can help provide early warning of a fire, helping to reduce potential damage to the drier. It is for use to detect fire within a grain drier drying column.

The Perry Fire Detection system is covered by patent application number GB1816756.9.

Key Points

  • The system uses a Digital Linear Heat Detection Cable clamped to the grain column to detect excessive heat.
  • The cable is clamped to the zone outlet panels in the exhaust plenum.
  • The Digital Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) is a twisted pair twin core cable. When the trigger temperature of the LHDC is reached the heat reactive polymer causes the cores to connect and a Fire alarm is registered.
  • The Digital Linear Heat Detection Cables are wired to LDM-519-DDL monitor units.
  • When a fire alarm occurs, the LDM-519-DDL monitor unit automatically determines the distance to the point of operation and displays this by means of the LCD.
  • The fire alarm triggers a drier remote emergency stop. The drier stops all functions. The drier fans are stopped to prevent airflow from fanning a fire within the drier.
  • The LDM-519-DDL monitor also monitors the linear heat detection cable for faults. If a cable fault is detected, a drier remote shutdown is triggered, causing the drier to stop drying, run the fans for 30 minutes to cool the drier and then stop.

Belt Drier Fire Detection & Suppression

Perry have two fire detection and suppression systems available for the more volatile materials, or plants that are more fire conscious.

British Standards Certified System - The system is designed and installed to NFPA 750 - 2015 and consideration of the BS8489 – 1:2016.

In-house designed pump for fire quenching system - This is not certified to British standards, but it is a more cost effective solution. It can be fitted with an automatic spray bar option or a manual drenching option.

Presenting fire detection & suppression systems to insurance companies is likely to reduce insurance premiums.

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