Fire Detection & Suppression

Grain Drier Fire Detection

When correctly positioned and functioning, the Perry Fire Detection System can help provide early warning of a fire, helping to reduce potential damage to the drier. It is for use to detect fire within a grain drier drying column.

The Perry Fire Detection system is covered by patent application number GB1816756.9.

Key Points

  • The system uses a Digital Linear Heat Detection Cable clamped to the grain column to detect excessive heat.
  • The cable is clamped to the zone outlet panels in the exhaust plenum.
  • The Digital Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) is a twisted pair twin core cable. When the trigger temperature of the LHDC is reached the heat reactive polymer causes the cores to connect and a Fire alarm is registered.
  • The Digital Linear Heat Detection Cables are wired to LDM-519-DDL monitor units.
  • When a fire alarm occurs, the LDM-519-DDL monitor unit automatically determines the distance to the point of operation and displays this by means of the LCD.
  • The fire alarm triggers a drier remote emergency stop. The drier stops all functions. The drier fans are stopped to prevent airflow from fanning a fire within the drier.
  • The LDM-519-DDL monitor also monitors the linear heat detection cable for faults. If a cable fault is detected, a drier remote shutdown is triggered, causing the drier to stop drying, run the fans for 30 minutes to cool the drier and then stop.

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Belt Drier Fire Detection & Suppression

Fire Shield Systems Limited

Fire Shield Systems LogoWith over 40 years experience Fire Shield Systems offer an holistic approach to fire protection encompassing design, install, maintenance and training. The Fire Shield fire protection solution combines the best of proven, type tested 3rd party witnessed fire suppression technology with cutting edge fire detection. Our fire protection solution is tailor made to suit your process from design, to installation and maintenance incorporating various detection mediums and interface with real time monitoring, alarm out puts and process interlocks.


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