Monitoring Stored Grain

Perry are suppliers of, the well proven, iGrain range of products for the volume measurement and monitoring of grain moisture, temperature and CO2 production in silos and floor stores.

The CO2 grain sniffer is one of the most advanced means of quickly detecting a problem with stored grain. Having the ability to quickly identify a potential problem within a silo allows the operator to act more quickly reducing the risk of spoilage.

The Dashboard grain management system takes the guess work out of fan system control and grain care. The automatic aeration control will run the fans when a set of pre-set conditions are met. this allows the fans to be operated in a more efficient way, helping to ensure grain quality and reduction in operating costs.

Perry & iGRAIN offer a complete range of products for post-harvest monitoring of stored crop.  

The core iGRAIN products monitor:

  • CO2 for most efficient infestation detection
  • Moisture level
  • Temperature

Moreover, the iGRAIN product portfolio includes advanced automated aeration control, data read out to a handheld reader, a PC or the iGRAIN App.  Integration with PLC and SCADA solutions is also possible.

iGRAIN systems can be tailored to suit the needs of small-scale farmers as well as large-scale industrial storages of grain, beans, cocoa, coffee as well as flour, feed and oil mills.

iGRAIN products have been developed and refined based partly on input and needs voiced by customers, partly on an extensive amount of scientific knowledge and practical know-how from tailoring systems and applying post-harvest storage systems in any climate zone worldwide over many years. Exactly therefore, the iGRAIN brand is known for easy-to-use, easy-to-install, high quality and durable systems with excellent performance. The system can be tailored to any need, and add on solutions made over time, as needs may change.

iGRAIN is acknowledged as an ingenious, customer-oriented company, which has been the first vendor to bring a new technological solution on the market several times.

With the iGRAIN product portfolio the mission is to preserve and optimize crop value and to prevent spoilage and fungus.

System overview

Simple grain monitoring for small grain volumes

Grain monitoring for small volumesThe simplest iGRAIN system is for you who have a storage capacity up to 2.000 tons, and a need for spot-checking of the grain. Typically, this applies for a small farm or a small industry where storage time is relatively short.

The system consists of temperature and moisture sensor cables with data readout to a handheld instrument. Optional, data can be transferred to a PC and displayed in the iGRAIN Dashboard Software showing a matrix view and simple trend-curves.

Small automated systems with aeration control option

Grain Aeration OptionThe small automated system is tailored with a mix of iGRAIN sensor options for you, who need online monitoring. This typically applies for chicken and pig farms, and small grain processing industries with a storage capacity up to 15.000 tons and storage time less than 6 months.

The system consists of temperature and moisture sensor cables and grain inventory management. The iGRAIN semi-automatic aeration control system is an add on option. Monitoring data are read out to a PC with full online capacity and full integration with the iGRAIN Smart App for data access any time anywhere. This system can be updated to a fully automated aeration control system at any time.

Commercial scale grain monitoring with fully automatic aeration control

Commercial Grain Monitoring SystemThis system encompasses all the sensor technology you can dream of for monitoring your crop, including fully automatic aeration control and a variety of data platforms and data read out solution. With this system, you get the world’s leading grain monitoring and aeration control technology, available from no other vendor. The system is suitable for larger farms, flour, feed and oil mills, the food processing industry, grain terminals, as well as grain hotels.

The system comprises sensors for monitoring of moisture and grain temperature, CO2 level for fast efficient infestation detection and head space humidity. Further, the system includes weather station and fire warning sensory technology (CO and CO2), a radar level sensor, plenum pressure sensor and a rotary paddle “Stop-Sensor”. The system is tailored to your needs and your facility with semi or fully automatic aeration control.  The system and the iGRAIN Smart App interfaces with your PLC/SCADA platform.

The full scale iGRAIN system gives you the tool to keep your grain in the best possible condition, preventing infestation and losses.

Temperature monitoring

The iGRAIN temperature sensor cable

  • has become the grain industry benchmark for rugged, durable and precise grain temperature monitoring
  • uses advanced digital sensors utilized for the highest performance, they have no drift over time
  • is easy to install and extremely durable

Moisture monitoring

The iGRAIN moisture sensor cable

  • measures the grain moisture at different levels in the silo using digital sensor technology
  • gives you an accurate measurement of the grain moisture and the silo head space relative humidity
  • enables best automatic aeration control by reliable grain moisture tracking, preventing infestation and shrinkage

CO2 monitoring

The iGRAIN CO2 Sniffer

  • is an advanced CO₂ sensor system supplementing traditional temperature monitoring
  • is specifically designed to detect any unwanted biologic activity originating from insects, fungus, etc. in the stored grain
  • is superior to any other grain monitoring technology, in detecting biological activity fast and reliable
  • connects to the iGRAIN Smart App, where the predicted safe storage time is available for each silo

Data read out solutions

The iGRAIN systems are based on collecting data from all the sensors via data transfer boxes. The systems are modular and can accommodate any size installation and be extended at any time. The iGRAIN Dashboard Platform integrates with all other PLC/SCADA and quality control systems. Data read out solutions are:

  • Hand-held instrument for information on grain moisture and temperature
  • iGRAIN Dashboard PC software with outstanding features and resources
  • iGRAIN Smart App for updated information and decision making on the go
  • Wall mount control board build in PC and iGRAIN Dashboard software


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